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There are many websites and a lot of confusing information about barcodes. Don’t be fooled by sites offering unbelievable bargain prices — they may not be authorized to sell barcodes. We sell only authenticated and legal barcodes. Our company is here to make barcoding simple for you and to guide you through the process.

Got Barcodes is owned by an inventor with an issued utility patent.  

She is a long-time active member of a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping inventors.

We are one of a very small number of companies who are authorized to sell barcodes. We help other small business owners and inventors.   

We help your business succeed by offering UPC/EAN barcodes at an affordable price while providing the best service and assistance to get your products in store or online.

Barcodes For

  • Retail Sales
  • Amazon, Google Merchant, Overstock
  • Online Sales
  • Kickstarter and crowdfunding sites
  • Inventors new products
  • Musicians CDs



  • Legal, unique and authentic UPC/EAN barcodes
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  • No membership fee
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official barcodes 


100 % legal, official and unique.  Certified by the inventor of barcodes. We never resell or recycle used barcode numbers. Certificate of ownership is included.

money savings 

No extra, hidden, membership or annual rental fees.  Buy–don’t rent your UPC or EAN barcode.  We have the best prices for authentic barcodes.

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We sell authentic, legal and unique UPC barcodes. Buying the right barcodes the first time saves you money.  Don’t pay to repackage your product. Buy legal barcodes here.

Frequently asked questions

do i need a barcode?
Most retailers require

Most retailers only accept products which are barcoded to utilize their electronic inventory tracking systems. Also many distributors use barcodes in their warehouse systems. A barcode is simply a series of black stripes that have different widths and spacing that are grouped together and used to uniquely identify items.  A scanner then translates the unique 12-digit code into information that is passed on to a computer.

how many do i need?
one for each itemI

You will need a different barcode for each product and also for each variety of the same product.  In other words, you will need one authentic barcode for each size and for each color, etc.  For example if you are selling one T-shirt style, and it comes in two colors, you need 2 barcodes.  If you also sell the T-shirt in 3 sizes, you will need 6 barcodes.  

are they accepted by all companies?
most companies accept 

As of today, nearly all retailers – including Amazon – will accept barcodes purchased from us. A very few larger retailers (Macys, Walmart, Krogers, Sears)  require you to pay a membership fee to become a member of the GS1 and have a barcode issued in your company name.  If you are selling to these few large companies immediately, you must spend that money.  You can always buy our authentic barcodes now and join the GS1 later on when you are ready to sell to these few large companies.

are they official and legal?
we are authenticated 

Our company is authenticated as a registered reseller by  The Authenticated UPC Registration Directory.  The inventor of barcodes, George Laurer, is committed to maintaining the integrity of his barcode system and created this list to assure buyers of the legitimacy of authentic barcodes . We have a legal right to sell numbers and are listed on his site as authenticated.  On his personal site he also lists the many companies that do not meet the criteria for legitimacy.