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Our Barcodes are Authentic and Legal

 We have a legal right to sell UPC barcode numbers. Our company is authenticated as a registered reseller by Authenticated UPC Registration Directory. The inventor of barcodes, George Laurer, is committed to maintaining the integrity of his barcode system and was instrumental in creating the organization to assure buyers of the legitimacy of barcode numbers. Our company is listed on his site as authenticated. He also provides a list of the many companies selling barcodes that do not meet the criteria for legally selling UPC barcodes on his personal website.

We have the right to sell Barcodes

Our company has been in business since 1996 and purchased barcodes from the UCC (Uniform Code Council) in 1999. A few select companies, including ours, have the right to sell barcodes because of a class action suit that was won against the G51 (the organization that succeeded the UCC) in 2002. The president of the company is an inventor who holds an issued utility patent and is a small business owner. She is a trusted and active member of the lnventors Association of Arizona since 1995, previously served as a board member and  Executive Director of the association. She draws on her experienced and expertise to help others succeed.

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We are experienced in bringing new products to the marketplace — from idea to production to packaging to on the shelf. We are here to answer your questions. You save money by purchasing genuine, legal and affordable barcodes and avoiding costly mistakes, such as paying to repackage your product.

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Our barcodes are legal and affordable. There is no costly upfront membership fee and no annual rental fee. There are no hidden or extra fees. The UPC barcode numbers you purchase from us are yours for life. Don’t be fooled by other sites offering unbelievable prices. Save money by buying the right barcodes from us first.



We are one of only a few companies that are legally allowed to resell barcode numbers. See our listing and more information about the history of barcodes on the website of the man who invented barcodes.



Our company is listed as an authorized reseller on the inventor of barcodes website, The Authenticated UPC Registration Directory. 


The company owner is a patented inventor with experience in all phases of introducing a product to the retail market. Email or call us with your questions about inventing or UPC barcodes.