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We make barcoding easy for you and to guide you through the process. There are many websites and a lot of confusing information about barcodes. Don’t be fooled by sites offering bargain prices — they may not be authorized to sell barcodes. 

UPC codes for Retail and Online Sales. If your product will be sold at a retail point of sale you will want to use UPC barcodes. It is the most common barcode required by retailers in North America. Barcodes help to ensure that all products are properly identified at retail point of sale. The UPC barcode promotes rapid product scanning, and more accurate data tracking. Barcodes make it easier to sell your products in stores and on the web.  They also allow you to streamline supply, fulfillment and invoicing.


Please contact us if we can answer questions about UPC barcodes or introducing your new product.  We are here to help you succeed.